Aaron Alexander

Feb 20

Aaron Alexander

Welcome to AaronJohnAlexander.com the home of Aaron Alexander, and all things him.

I built AaronJohnAlexander.com as:

  1. A place where cherished and new friends can find me. If you need consulting in the internet marketing field I would be happy to help there as well. I like people and ideas of all sorts, so please say hi and comment and I will try to respond right away
  2. A place where you can email me website design and internet marketing questions and even help people with connections and VPN with services form sites as https://troypoint.com/install-vpn-kodi/.
  3. A place for me ( Aaron Alexander ) to call home on the web.

Short Summary of Qualifications:

  • On Page and Off Page “White Hat” SEO Consultation
  • Link Building
  • Web Design and WordPress Modification
  • Audio Engineer
  • Lyricist
  • MC
  • Music Producer
  • Funny Gent
  • Sharin is Carin Advocate
  • Passionate Lover of Life

If you wonder why I keep referring to myself in the third person, lol….It’s because there are a lot of Aaron Alexander sites out there, but only one site about this Aaron Alexander!

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  1. What a great blog

  2. Adriana /

    thanks for the share!

  3. You are “the” AAron Alexander!! There is no other as far as we are concerned. We appreciate your guidance and advice regarding conquering the Arizona Real Estate Investment online market. Your SEO Consultation and Link Building is unmatched.
    Thank you AA