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Aaron Alexander

Born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania 1976

Moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1989

Graduate from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in 1999

Anyone that knows Aaron Alexander says: “Music is a huge passion of his” and it’s True! With the advancement of digital recording technology, my tech geek nature went wild. My purist and balanced nature can definitely appreciate the analog, but digital gives the modest man a lifetime of musical exploration. I recorded in the bands Ascended Masters, and worked and recorded in a music collective known as Empire of the Sun. As an engineer, I appreciate all forms of music as individual artistic expression. I personally appreciate the lyrical dexterity of enlightened and intelligent hip-hop mc’s, but then again I guess it depends on the mood.

Worked for Submitawebsite.com in 2005

Learned about SEO and all forms of it from:  pay per blog marketing, link building, custom link building, link building software, ranking software, analytics programs like Google Analytics, press release distribution, social marketing, directory marketing, as well as a desire to consume as much information in the SEO field as possible. This is also around the time I started to dabble in web site design for myself. Submitawebsite was such a great company that it eventually became the SEO Search Agency arm of WEB.com where I worked through account management, to Sr. Account Manager, and finally, Sr. SEO Strategist. As the head strategist I was tasked with putting together SEO campaigns for clients, that matched their site needs. I got to work with search engines and see so much data, I felt I died and went to heaven. Have I told you I’m an analytically charged personality that loves technology.

Currently working with iAcquire.com since 2009

For the Past 3 years I have been working in the SEO field for iAcquire.com as the Operations Manager responsible for employee training in SEO techniques and how to identify relevant and valuable search partners. I manage a team of 50 and growing, and have a deep respect for the company and the employees that work there.

If you have any questions, please contact me here: Contact Aaron Alexander

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