Portal Jackers Scanner Jams – Ingress Music

Aug 10

Portal Jackers Scanner Jams – Ingress Music

I’ve played Ingress for over a year and a half as Agent iJackPortals with a team I formed in North Phoenix known as the “Portal Jackers“. I decided to blend my passion for music and drop a track for Ingress, I call “Scanner Jams

I believe its the first track of it’s kind. To Note: I play for the Enlightened team, but tried to write it from an unbiased perspective. Regardless of Faction, I am sure you will relate. Enjoy!

Ingress Scanner Jams | iJackPortals


Resistance or Enlightened

Which side are you fighting


Its digital war

Lets check the score

Portal Jackers

Number One on the regional boards

We capture more mind units

Than music or movie stars

You can try to recharge

But these grape 8’s hit hard

Portals dissolve

To scarred neutral

Resistance is Futile

On foot, bike, or mobile

Our play patterns are loco


Wondering when we sleep

But we don’t tho

Oh No Bro

Your whole 8 farms crushed

Let the New ‘Mates capture it

The APs lush

Teaching 4 field mastery

Power level through strategy

Consistent attacks

Strategized mathematically

Link portals

While roaming

Layer fields

Till streets masked in

I can hear your team moaning

Over top our teams laughing

I’ll never be a has been

I’m a Portal Assassin

Crashin parties uninvited

Cuz iJackPortals with passion

– Break –

Although there’s

Jarvis and Ada

The fate of the games

Decided through the

Play of the agents

Us badge earning patrons

I rarely practice patience

If my portals are taken

XM Recharge

Chain burster 8’s

And then I retake em

Slap mods on

Even though their teams

More sweeter than bon bons

I eat em and I’m long gone

Morsels for the long haul

Team player

Never been an egotistical AP stacker


You couldn’t even catch with player tracker

Extra bonus getter

Cryptographic glyph hacker

Cracker of niantic codes

Never found in slacker mode

I follow the Jacker Code

Jack em all

Until they’re owned

Leading by example

For the new agents within our zone

Whether casual hood warfare

Or tactical anomaly

Notifications WILL hit

Not a possibly or probably

Shout to Jennerationx

To Gen Y to Next Gen

If the worlds

Not what it seems

Your scanners your best friend


Beat Credit: “You and Me”  Flume Remix – Original Artist – Disclosure

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