SEO Memes | Search Engine Optimization Meme

Apr 01

SEO Memes | Search Engine Optimization Meme

Hello All! It is a Great Sunday Funday and I am having fun with some topical memes.

Here is some Background on the Image. I was at PV Mall in Arizona, and Lo and Behold I see a truck with a crazy cage system on the back.

Who owns that and what is it for? Kids, Pets, wily Girlfriends?


Furthermore, WHY am I obsessed with getting in the back to snap a shot, whilst you shop, whomever you are?

I just had to…As an SEO, I felt it would make for a fun SEO Meme or 2.

Plus, Creative expression keeps the mind firing at a high rate, and personally…                   I like having Fun!

With that said: On to the SEO Memes

 SEO Meme


It’s True…Any SEO worth his weight in Gold, Doesn’t get Fired.

In a humorous and extreme example, This Client keeps his SEO, Close at All Times!

 SEO Meme 2


Another truth in the internet marketing world….

If your SEO does a great job for you, Lock them down! Just not Literally ; ]

 SEO Meme 3


And Finally, If you are an SEO that offers services in the backwoods…..

Be careful of the Crazies…They may actually Lock you Down >

“Get the S-ymp” I think that’s SEO Gimp! ; [

Later today I will be dropping a true story and video game memes on how “I PWN While I Sleep”!

Till next time > Your Pal: Aaron Alexander


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