Video Game Memes | MW3 Meme | I PWN While I Sleep

Apr 01

Video Game Memes | MW3 Meme | I PWN While I Sleep

Two Sunday Funday Posts? SEO Memes and Now Video Game Memes – > You bet your Arse!

So amongst the plethora of things I am interested in…Gaming is one I have been into since my uncle got the first Atari 2600. I am currently an XBOX 360 player, but own these systems, and mention only to give you a little background into the gaming systems I  have grown up on…

  • Uncles Atari 2600
  • ColeCovision – Ahhh Bump and Jump ( you’re still my friend )
  • NES
  • Genesis
  • SNES
  • Gameboy
  • Neo-Geo
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2
  • Xbox 360
  • PS 3

and in my dreams of the future:

  • Playstation Orbis
  • Xbox 720

Yea I like to Game, specially on! Being a tech geek, gaming is a fun outlet.

That said: I have currently been playing “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3″ as an Elite member since it’s release, and blasted fools to a 9th level Prestige. I’m in the top 25,000 Team Deathmatch points, out of 12,600,000+  that’s possible. I feel proud to have laid down many a Vet, and an occasional Noob.

The thing is…I’m a night owl. After years of random work schedules and late night SEO binges, I sleep on 4-6 hours comfortably. I also don’t ease into sleep, but rather quickly slump into sleep, even while in a heated team deathmatch session. ( I know…Bad Team Mate ) At least I play till I pass out ; ]

So my lady woke up and came down to get a 3 a.m. glass of “Magic Go Back to Sleep Water”, and there I was…Sleeping like a log, with sticks in hand, and my 7.1 surround blasting my drowsy eardrums. Anyone that knows me well enough, knows that when I do eventually slumber…..I don’t wake up.  Bombs, Doors knocking, Party going on around me, a Roller coaster etc. don’t phase me. When I’m sleeping, I’m in a sort of sleep coma you could say. Thank God my body is conditioned to wake by 6:30 a.m. daily w/o alarm : ]

She caught me in the act  of “Assasinative Sleeping” (think sleep walking but killing noobs ), and thought it would be fun to snap a shot. Also Funny…she was kind enough to make it my IPAD desktop, so I would find it with my cinnamon toast coffee…I love her :p  I in turn, thought it would be fun to make some video game memes for that dedicated player you know, the kind that doesn’t stop till they have nothing to give. I have a couple video game memes for the average gamer, and a MW3 Meme for the dedicated “Duter” a.k.a. People that like Call of Duty lol

Feel free to share amongst yourselves, my friends of Gaming, and Girls…if you got a Man like me, send him this…To show you know whats up in Video Games ! ;  ]

Oh…and to the less experienced: PWN or PWNing is geek speak for “Owning Players” .

 Video Game Meme


Any dedicated gamer can maintain video game Crushery, whilst catching a few Zzzzz’s

Video Game Meme 2


Ladies, It’s True…I PWN In My Sleep lol Don’t worry and be thankful…It’s Contagious ; ]

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Meme


and for that MW3 Call of Duty fan that Slumps Opponents a.k.a. “sending opponents to the digital pearly gates” > This one’s for YOU!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story and my girls good timing. Enjoy your Sunday and look for me in the Wee Hours cuz….I PWN WHILE I SLEEP! ; ]

Your Pal  > That Guy > Aaron Alexander


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